English Club is one of the SMEs in STIE Cendekia Karya Utama Semarang. Which is under the auspices of the Lecturer and is attended by all students. On the STIE Cendekia Karya Utama campus, it is demanded to be able to speak English, there are even days when all Academics must speak in English, and if they do not speak English, they will be sanctioned / will get a punishment from the person who heard it lecturer or his own friend. That day is Tuesday which is often referred to as English Day. The English Club is held once a week and is held every Monday. Sometimes it is done every Tuesday night because it follows a free schedule from the lecturer, and when the Lecturer is unable to mentor students, it will be submitted to the PIC with a theme that has been determined by the Lecturer.
English is very important for all students because our department focuses on Logistics, which is always related to English, so students are required to actively discuss English.
In addition to students, lecturers and employees are also required to speak English actively. In this English Club we can also talk in English and the activities are very relaxed. Sometimes we also share experiences and even do drama using English.
“In my opinion, this is very effective learning because besides we are required to speak English directly, we are also taught how to Pronouncation right away,” said Frasmy Treas as STIE Cendekia Karya Utama Semarang Student.

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